Alexis Road Animal Hospital 1837 W Alexis Rd Toledo, OH 43613 (419) 475 8387
Alexis Road Animal Hospital1837 W Alexis RdToledo, OH 43613 (419) 475 8387

Annual Checkup

Our doctors perform a full physical examination and appropriate vaccinations. It includes examination from head to tail, checking eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and body condition. The attending doctor listens to your pet's heart and lungs, palpates abdominal area, checking pulse, and takes body temperature. If all findings are within normal limits, then the doctor vaccinates your pet.


Our doctors will advise you on deworming, heartworms prevention, flea prevention or treatment, dental care and diet. If your pet needs his or her nails trimmed or anal glands expressed, then this can be done during the appointment too.


If your pet reaches the age of 7 years old, we discuss and recommend performing Senior blood work testing, which will include urinalysis as well. It will allowed us to prevent any underlying problem that may apply to an elder pet.

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