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Alexis Road Animal Hospital1837 W Alexis RdToledo, OH 43613 (419) 475 8387

Pain prevention and control

Pain Management

We use pain control for before or after surgeries, if we are treating a wound, if there is an infection, or if your pet has arthritis.

The following are common symptoms of pain in pets that should be brought to a veterinarian’s attention.

If your pet:


  • Stops eating or becomes picky with food
  • Seems depressed, lethargic, or restless
  • Seeks isolation, hiding under the bed, in corners or dark places
  • Whines, vocalizes, or groans when it tries to move
  • Excessive panting
  • Exhibits aggression (biting snapping or growling) when touched or approached
  • Bites or licks at the painful region of body
  • Limps or walks stiffly
  • Grinds teeth or is drooling



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